1. As the biggest air tumble track gymnastics manufacturer, we have been focused on producing air tumble track for 9 years. Since our technology has been highly advanced and mature after 9-year improvement, the air tracks we offer are higher-quality, better-looking, and more durable.

2. Our air tumble tracks are sold to countries around the world, with repeat customers, excellent customer reviews and word of mouth.

3. We focus only on manufacturing air tumble track with mass production and factory direct sales, which is why we are more than capable of offering wholesale prices and cost-effective products.

4. We choose the highest quality materials in the industry. About air tumble track body, we use DWF (double wall fabric, which is a new type of drawing material, composed of PVC glue and brushed space mesh). And Plato PVC material which intensity is up to 1000D is used for surrounding the air tumble track and edging strip. We use glue combination of superglue from South Korea and the strong curing agent. Employing high-quality material is the basic and most important requirement for our air tumble track gymnastics manufacture.

5. We have very strict product manufacturing and testing standards. The process of production is divided into two steps. Step one is shaping. The superglue imported from South Korea is used to shape the gym air tumble track, which ensures that the air tumble track itself is completely flat without tilting. The air tumble track will be placed for 12 hours to ensure no air leaking. Step Two is reinforcement. After confirming that Step One is completely leak-free, we will use the edging strip to reinforced and place it for another 24 hours after completion, to ensure that the surface of the product is well cleaned after no problem is detected. And we use professional film to reinforce the aair tumble track, load it into the custom-made bag, and pack it in cartons at last before delivery.

6. The warranty for our air tumble tracks is two years. The repair kit will be sent to you for free, in case you accidentally scratch the air tumble track while using, it will be easy and safe to repair.

7. Each gym air tumble track will be delivered with a special bag for free, which will protect it during transportation and make it easier for you to carry later.

8. Our website offers P1, P2, and P3, height with 10cm, 20cm, and 30cm. As for length and width, they can be completely customized according to your requirements. A wide range of combination is also for you to choose, in order to satisfy diverse needs.

9. Air tumble track here are more complete for functionality and widely used in various occasions, including home, gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, school, gym, playground, stadium, etc. Besides that, we offer the professional and comprehensive solution based on your needs.

10. Customization of gym air tumble track style, size, and color (Top ten best-selling colors can be provided if needed, like red, yellow, blue, green, purple, purple, black, mint green, lake green) is available and capable of meeting your different requirements.

11. Your name or logo can be printed on your gym air tumble track, allowing you to enjoy exclusive and beloved air tumble track.

12. If needed, Velcro can be made on your gym air tumble track especially for you to enjoy the combination of your beloved air tumble track.

13. For sure, we offer professional pre-sales and after-sales service, along with daily 12 hours of online service. In order to offer your better shopping experience, we promise you the policy of no 12-hour exceeding email reply.

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