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Tried to return it

I told the company that the 20x6 mat was going to be too large and I needed to return it. They said nope you only have 7 days and they are fine for kids. Well nope because it takes about 3 adults to move it. Do not buy the large mats unless you have a huge open space for them. Strong mat but make sure your space is big enough and your child can move it.

Tumblemat air track

I purchased the 20ftx6ft tumblemat air track for my 11 yr old daughter and she loves it to practice her gymnastics stunts on. It blew up quick with the air pump they sent with it and the quality seems great!

Hot Selling Blue And White Gymnastics Air Tumble Track

Need special air pump

It was great but realized real quick that we should have bought the one with the pump.

Air Gymnastics Track Mat US Tumble Trak Air Floor Pro

Great for any gymnast

My daughter loves the tumblemat. And it seems great quality. The only problem is that the pump, which arrived separately, doesn’t work at all, and I didn’t know how to return it. I found a smaller pump which took longer but once filled, the air track is great?

tumble mat

So far so good! The kids really like it. Wehave been able to do front flips on it wth no problem.

Exactly what she needed and wanted!

awesome mat

bought this for my 14 year old niece to practice tumbling passes for cheer. the mat has helped her tremendously. it is made of high quality material, and stood up to her gymnastics all summer. highly recommend this product.

Air track

I was saving up a lot of money for this and I don’t regret getting it.The quality is amasing I would recomend getting it.

Beautiful Mint Green Air Gymnastics Track Mat

Love it!

My girls love their tumblemat. I did get the 20ft one, so it is a little heavy and bulky to move around, but it is worth it. The smaller ones would not have worked for my girls. They are gymnasts, so they are loving this mat.

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Steve Swain
Great mat!


this is perfect

I bought the 6'x23'x12" its awesome. i do wish we bought the bigger one but putting it away and storing it would be so very difficult. over all great quality product.

Daughter loves this mat

This mat is perfect for tumbling and keeps kids safe. My daughter loves it. She practices her tumbling on it everyday. Well worth the money!

Tumblemat for Tweens

This was a good investment for my girls, who are beginner tumblers and working on practicing back handsprings.

Good !

I love the Mats , but i don’t like the communication and how long it took to get here.

Happy Granddaughter

The Tumblemat has been great for my granddaughter who enjoy the sport of cheerleading.

Fantastic product!!

We bought this for our 9 year-old son who is in competitive gymnastics. He needed a place to practice at home for his trampoline and tumbling routines. It is very high quality, great bounce and yet still very firm, and he loves practicing on it!

Granddaughter thrilled!!

My granddaughter was very happy with her mat! Disappointed that there is snow and she has to wait for better weather, but she was so excited. My only regret is that I didn't purchase the wider one. But it's a great mat.

Great indoor and outdoor fun

My daughter is a gymnast and loves the air track. It is great quality and very durable.

Everything about it is perfect for me

It is waterproof, we used it in the pool, works so well. My kid and my nephew use it almost every day, they refuse to deflate it they just like sleeping on it??it is very good for all kinds of physical activities, not just for them, but also suitable for my workout, too.

Excellent product, great price!

Ella with customer service was fantastic! She was very knowledgeable and made this purchase extremely easy, I??m so happy with my purchase!!!

Great product ?

Hello there, I want to say that the service I received from you and especially the service of your representative on behalf of Hella was perfect. Fun Personal Service Knowing that there are companies from the other side of the world who know how to provide excellent service! Well done ??

Perfect for a Summer at hone

I bought this for my 6 year old gymnast and she loves it.