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Professional tumble air mat helps different phases of various skills

The tumble track developed by our factory isn't just a piece of equipment, it's a training concept. The soft and professional air mat can assist athletes on how to shift their movement during different phases of various skills. The large or mini air mat track improves an athlete’s ability to pay attention to proper positioning of feet and hands while on the track floor. It is easily moved, which is quite stable as well. It has been made of DWF material, and some assembly is required.

The pool gymnastics mat has a wide working surface, which provides a stable and fun apparatus for your little gymnast to perform on. However, it can be tricky when you want to pick out one air mat as your home gymnastics equipment, for you may desire to use it to practice a variety of skills, require it to have the right weight restrictions, and hope it can be stored easily in your house. You can decide to buy the one that you desire to fit your budget with proper training length from our shop. Our inflatable air floor is soft and friendly for improper landings. The mat allows for lots of repetitions while learning to hit a handstand with proper technique. Bouncing from the back allows the gymnast to train back giants and release skills without the fear of the pain normally associated with hitting the air floor.