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Great and cozy air filled tumble track available in various colors and sizes

If you are just planning to purchase one good quality air tumble track for exercising at home or in the open air, you can end in our online shop. Our products are available in diverse colors and sizes. You can also customize the logo or types of air cushions according to your need. The high-density and sturdy DWF material is imported for high quality and great exercising effects. The durable overlaying fabric will surely make your landing comfortable and much easier.

The real benefit of this air tumble track is that your feet don’t suppress the material compared with low-quality versions. It is also equipped with a non-slip bottom, which means it can be applied on various different floor types without shifting when in use. You can gain an air mat track repair kit delivered with the air mat bought from our factory. The air cushion for home comes very well rated; as with many other inflatable air tumble tracks, it’s easy to transport with a carry bag after being packed up. You will be extremely happy with the air mat after you receive it and our customer service is also very responsive. Since it is inflatable, you can adjust the air in it easily according to your demands. It can make you feel like you are practicing at a gym from the comfort of the home. You will be ready to push yourself to a higher standard with the help of the air mat.