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Welcome your inquiry and choose us to become a stable air tumble mat supplier

We are a professional air tumble mat manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in producing a diversity of air tumble mats. Air tumble mat is widely applicable to a fitness club, dance club, high-performance training and home entertainment. As the air tumble mat is directly sold by our factory, the price can be saved 8%-10% compared to buying from the retail shop, these good advantages help you save your extra expenditure and is affordable to everyone. You don’t need to worry about the quality of our products.

Although the price is cheaper than the shops, the quality is the same even is better than you buy from the shops, as we are professional air tumble mat supplier, we can offer you the other suppliers cannot offer, we possess the advanced professional equipment, the well-trained personnel and world-class management system, lots of money is invested in the research on the innovative products each year to suit the needs of customers worldwide. Each product has undergone a strict test many times to meet the international standard, our product features non-toxic, non-smell and environmentally friendly.

It is never found any hazardous substance existing in our products to do harm to our health. “Customer first” is our business key in the factory, all air tumble mat products are produced to suit the customers' needs in the market. It is our goal to inspire us to move forward and progress to produce innovative air mats of excellent quality to satisfy the demand in today’s available markets. Our customer needs and satisfaction, as well as service, are our mission which is supported by our professional expert team and excellent sales representative. We welcome your inquiry and your order at any time.

Our factory offers you a fantastic air tumble mat

Our factory was established on the simple concept of providing a good quality air tumble mat at a competitive price in the gymnastics industry. Year by year, we strive to invest lots of money to develop innovative products and produce ideal air tumble track devices to suit the customers’ needs. Nowadays gymnastics exercise is becoming more and more popular and it is an ideal sport for everyone to increase body flexibility and coordination as well as building muscle. This is also a very economical and convenient sport which does not require spending a big sum of money on the equipment in practice.

We aim at providing athletes an affordable air tumble mat to help them improve their skills in a comfortable and safe environment. Our commitment is to keep our low cost but never lower down the product quality, each mat is hand-sewn by our expert team in excellent workmanship. As a leading manufacturer with rich experience in making air tumble mat, we promise each mat is well constructed, each stitch joint is perfect that you can not find any defect in our product, 2 years warranty of the product ensures the air mat to reach international standards impeccably.

The uncountable advantages of our tumble mat cannot be listed one by one here, but the prominent feature you must get to know is that rapid inflation and deflation, easy to set up, convenient to take it everywhere as you need, easy for storage, etc. It can be placed on any floor, such as on the grass or on the water, it is durable and sturdy that can withstand any impact produced by the athletes during training, you don’t worry it would bottom out when you are jumping on it. You will save more money on buying an air tumble mat from our factory, why not get one for yourself?

You will find the value of air tumble mat

When you go to the gym club or have gymnastics lesson in school, you may notice that each gymnastics athlete is performing various movements on a soft cushion, this is an air tumble mat which is particularly designed for gymnastics exercise to prevent the athletes to get injuries during training, it has a soft and smooth surface that you can land on safely and comfortably, you never fear being bruised and wounds when you are doing high-level exercise, it will protect you well to keep you away from the risk of being hurt.

You may think that if you want to have an air mat for yourself, where you should go to buy it, physical shop or online shop? There is no doubt that it is a good idea to buy it from an air floor, which can save you more than 10% on expense in purchasing from a physical shop or retail shop online. You are very lucky to be here to read this passage, here we are the right air tumble mat factory with above 20 years experience in producing and selling inflatable products, as the combination of manufacturing and selling, we are capable of making different types of air tumble tracks to suit your various needs.

The size is customized to meet your requirement according to your gymnastics tumble mat level and disciplines, the color also is greatly optional for you to choose. You never worry you cannot find the right air mat for your needs here, all the products are designed and made to your preference. From production to sales are integrated into being served for the customers’ needs, “customers come first” is our goal to drive us to develop innovative products constantly.

A good gift for kids is an air tumble mat rather than a toy

If your little gymnast practice at home, what you will give them to help their exercise. Your kids will be happy when they receive such a wonderful gift, an air gymnastics tumble mat always means a helpful source for the kids in their life, they will meet challenges, creative movements and kinds of frustrations since they begin their athletic life on the mats, also this is a safe place for them to enhance the skills very quickly.

No matter your kid is a beginner or an experienced gymnast, the air mat is a perfect tool that can provide you a safe and comfortable environment to practice what they learn in school. Your kids can fully concentrate on their training with no fear of getting risks when they are practicing on a soft and durable mat. Once your kids get the air mat to practice at home, a certain thing is that this gymnastic equipment will be a part of decoration at your home, but you never be afraid that it will occupy the space to make your room become congested. It comes with a roll-up design that you can roll-up it after deflation and then store in a small corner.

Maybe you also worry about it is hard to clean it when it gets dirty, you can clean it easily with a wet cloth or mop, then a new tumble mat presents in front of you once again. As the years go on, your kids grow up, you may think whether the mat can be still utilized as before, don’t worry about that, air mat products can serve you for years, even your kids grow fast. The mats can be connected together to make more space, so the mats are able to grow with your kids. No better gift can be replaced with the tumble mat track to keep your kids away from the couches and video games, encouraging them to lead an active life on a soft mat will bring them a fully different way of life.

Get an air tumble mat for an active lifestyle in childhood

Tumble mat is super gymnastics equipment for each family. Why? For kids, especially at their early age, are likely to imitate what their parents do no matter it is good or not. Under this circumstance, it is a good idea to bring an air tumble mat home to tell your kids how to lead an active lifestyle. You should be a sports lover in your daily life, your kids are watching you every day, gradually, your behavior influences your kids and they realize a physical activity will bring the fun and it is a good way to encourage them to play on the mats.

You can play with them on the mat to get them to know there are some activities that can be performed with the tumble track even when they grow up. When you fall accidentally, then restart and go on, your kids see it and get to realize that the activity can keep going on even they meet failure. They will learn that nothing can go smoothly in life, encourage them to face failure, let them know if one meets failure, that means he can learn a lesson from failure to make a progress. Frankly speaking, a fantastic air tumble mat is an ideal tool for the kids to learn a lot like the various kinds of activities and failures, they will know to set a goal for their life to struggle for in their children the same as that for an adult.

Maybe you will think the tumble mat is only for the kids, this is a big mistake if you have the thought like this, imagine you are doing exercise on the floor, how do you feel if you jump, or do somersault or sit-ups on such hard floor. Therefore, a soft mat is the perfect equipment for you in your daily workout routine. Remember air mat is a good product for your whole family, it is valuable to make an investment in such a super mat, you and your kids will have a different experience on it.