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We are a professional air tumble mat manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in producing a diversity of air tumble mats. Air tumble mat is widely applicable to a fitness club, dance club, high-performance training and home entertainment. As the air tumble mat is directly sold by our factory, the price can be saved 8%-10% compared to buying from the retail shop, these good advantages help you save your extra expenditure and is affordable to everyone. You don’t need to worry about the quality of our products.

Although the price is cheaper than the shops, the quality is the same even is better than you buy from the shops, as we are professional air tumble mat supplier, we can offer you the other suppliers cannot offer, we possess the advanced professional equipment, the well-trained personnel and world-class management system, lots of money is invested in the research on the innovative products each year to suit the needs of customers worldwide. Each product has undergone a strict test many times to meet the international standard, our product features non-toxic, non-smell and environmentally friendly.

It is never found any hazardous substance existing in our products to do harm to our health. “Customer first” is our business key in the factory, all air tumble mat products are produced to suit the customers' needs in the market. It is our goal to inspire us to move forward and progress to produce innovative air mats of excellent quality to satisfy the demand in today’s available markets. Our customer needs and satisfaction, as well as service, are our mission which is supported by our professional expert team and excellent sales representative. We welcome your inquiry and your order at any time.

The importance of gymnastic tumble mat equipment for a professional gymnast

As a gymnastics athlete, you must know the importance and value to own gymnastic equipment like air tumble mat and air beam, or more related tools, you will go through a wonderful sport with a great air mat, which will bring you a fully different experience in your physical training. You should dedicate strength, endurance and determination to your training in order to make a great movement. Physical development requires gym athletes to invest energy in training, you should get to realize that adequate preparation before high-intensity training is emphasized on the floor exercise.

In this case, how much important to own one great air tumble mat to help you improve your athletic ability in an effective way. We take pride here to express my idea to you that finding a reliable supplier has become a must that will offer you a guaranteed air mat at an affordable price. With rich experience in making air tumble mat products in so many years, we are confident to tell you our products gain high reputation from our customers, our advanced production equipment, professional expert teams and world-class management system is our strong support to offer outstanding air floor products to customers from all over the world.

Excellent quality originated good materials, our air tumble mat is made of double wall fabric, inside is two layers of fabric coated connect closely by thousands of threads to make the strong reinforcement on the surface, which enables the gym athlete to perform their movements in a safe and comfortable environment, the durable and soft surface is sturdy enough to withstand the impact produced by the athletes, they can fall in safety without being injured. As a reliable air tumble mat, offering you a safe and good quality product is our permanent goal to struggle for.

Different types of air tumble mats to suit your needs

Maybe you are in the beginning session of gymnastics exercise, have you realized an outstanding air tumble mat is the basic of each gymnastics athletes’ practicing? No matter you are a beginner or an experienced gymnastics athlete, the air tumble track is great gym equipment to benefit you to learn the skills in an effortless way. You may notice that a soft cushion is being used by your couch to protect the gymnastics learners in a safe landing, the importance of safety is extremely strengthened in gymnastics training, so why not get a great air tumble mat training set to improve your skills in a safe and comfortable environment.

We are a professional manufacturer that can provide you different types of air mats to suit all levels of the athletes' ability. The air tumble mat product is widely applicable to dance clubs, gym clubs, high-performance training and home entertainment. It is severed to you for multiple purposes, more advantages can be found when it is put into use, it is typically used for tumbling, jumping and flipping, it definitively gives you a support to your gymnastics exercise. You never worry that it will bring you any trouble to set it up, it is very easy to inflate by an air pump, only take a few minutes for inflation and deflation.

You can roll it up easily after deflation and store it in your room or in the back of your car, it won’t take up much space for storage. It is lightweight, so the transportation of it has become pretty simple and convenient. When you are tumbling on it, it won’t bottom out easily as it is made of high-quality double-wall fabric materials, all seams are made by mucilage glue with strong reinforcement. Go to get one to make your gymnastics exercise comfortable and joyful.

Select the best tumble mat for your home exercise

When you are busy with your work and feel sluggish in doing sports, it is a good idea to buy an air tumble floor to help you practice at home. It is convenient and economical for you to do gymnastics exercises at home instead of going out to a gym which will save you time and money. Superior quality air mat is comfortable and safe for you that will definitely encourage you to boost your skills in an effective way. Owning a good air tumble mat will ensure to turn any room of your home into a standard place similar to a gym club, which offers you professional training and an enjoyable experience.

Everyone will consider carefully to create a safe environment to exercise at home before buying air mat equipment, you may first consider what size is fit for your room at home, however, worries about the size are unnecessary, as the size is customized to suit your needs, moreover, the color is greatly optional for your preference. The most important is that you should buy a thick mat which can provide support to you in performing various kinds of movements and assure to prevent any injuries during your training. Since thickness and dimension are the main factors you must consider before you buy an air tumble mat, then you may think about the price.

There is no doubt that our factory is sure to offer you a competitive price in air mat, factory price is above 10% cheaper than the physical shop, also the shipment is fast to make sure the product will deliver to you in your expected time. Last but not least, we are dedicated to the quality of our product that is impeccable and you will probably find all the drop stitch is handmade by our expert team. You will never regret getting an awesome air tumble mat from our factory.

Our factory offers you a fantastic air tumble mat

Our factory was established on the simple concept of providing a good quality air tumble mat at a competitive price in the gymnastics industry. Year by year, we strive to invest lots of money to develop innovative products and produce ideal air tumble track devices to suit the customers’ needs. Nowadays gymnastics exercise is becoming more and more popular and it is an ideal sport for everyone to increase body flexibility and coordination as well as building muscle. This is also a very economical and convenient sport which does not require spending a big sum of money on the equipment in practice.

We aim at providing athletes an affordable air tumble mat to help them improve their skills in a comfortable and safe environment. Our commitment is to keep our low cost but never lower down the product quality, each mat is hand-sewn by our expert team in excellent workmanship. As a leading manufacturer with rich experience in making air tumble mat, we promise each mat is well constructed, each stitch joint is perfect that you can not find any defect in our product, 2 years warranty of the product ensures the air mat to reach international standards impeccably.

The uncountable advantages of our tumble mat cannot be listed one by one here, but the prominent feature you must get to know is that rapid inflation and deflation, easy to set up, convenient to take it everywhere as you need, easy for storage, etc. It can be placed on any floor, such as on the grass or on the water, it is durable and sturdy that can withstand any impact produced by the athletes during training, you don’t worry it would bottom out when you are jumping on it. You will save more money on buying an air tumble mat from our factory, why not get one for yourself?